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Instead of installing the modified messenger on smartphones, what do you think to modify the installed WhatsApp. WA Tweak APK 2021 is now developed for such purpose that enables users to switch all the beta hidden features of WhatsApp messenger. Being a WhatsApp user, all the handheld users are interested in the WA Tweak APK and on this page, you will find the download links to get it for Androids.

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After installing the WA Tweak APK you will be able to enable several new experiences such as GIF Search, new home UI, contact selector, live location and many other useful features. In actual WhatsApp provides many features in its beta programs that are hidden on your WhatsApp messenger. So, WA Tweak App is the tool that lets you tweak with all the hidden experiences without any restriction.

The thing that you should keep in mind before downloading the WA Tweak APK, users need to root their devices for operating this app. You will also wonder like me and realize that the features which have you enables are already available on WhatsApp but the developers just had hidden all these.

Here we will be using the WA Tweak APK and you will also go through its a few useful experiences.

What is WA Tweak APK?

WA Tweak is one best modifying tool for WhatsApp that works on background coded language and introduces a few beta experiences in the app. It can do many tweaks on your WhatsApp and bring all the hidden experiences across the curtain. Switch the new gif search option and find your latest gifts beside the thousands of new emojis. Enable live location on your WhatsApp and send it to the destination.

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But one unfortunate thing about the WA Tweak APK, users need to root their all operating activities to utilize truly this tweaking tool. Once you installed the WA Tweak app on your android device, you will able to do several things with your WhatsApp. Here is how you can download and install WA Tweak APK 2021?

Download WA Tweak APK

WA Tweak App is not developed for all the Android devices. Android users can not download and install from the customary android store like Google play. Make sure your device is rooted properly and then go to settings. Switch to unknown sources and then download the apk file of the WA Tweak app from our site. Just install it simply on your android. Users should also keep in mind that this app can just act on the latest versions of WhatsApp with an active internet connection.

Press the download button and download WA Tweak APK 2021 Now!

Before going to the next, here is a table describing a few technical aspects of WA Tweak APK. I think you should go through once before installing this app.

WA Tweak APK
App Size
4.2 M
Price0 USD
App Packagecom.watweak.apk
Last Update01/01/2020

Features of WA Tweak APK

With fact features, the WA Tweak app is full of new experiences that you will love to do and know. Users can enable/disable plenty of features that they don’t want. From the list of features that more loved experiences that is the reason that I also installed the WA Tweak APK on my device is live location check. Share your live location as well as also receive other’s location on the spot.

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Here I have expressed a few features that you can enable on your device after installing WA Tweak APK.

  • Enable GIF Search: Instead of installing new gits and stickers online check plenty of already installed on your WhatsApp. WA Tweak app enables users to search for their favorite gifts and stickers. Besides it also enjoys the new home UI.
  • Contact Selector: Enjoy the modded contact list selector with the multiple amazing options as to select 4 top, 3 tops, 4 from bottom or select all contact list. Beside all these things you also can enable two-factor auth.
  • Enable Live Location: Enjoy the conversation UI, new gifts but these are such common things in other apps. Using the WA Tweak APK you also can share your live location with the destination and also ask from others their location.

These are a few useful things that I loved to do in WA Tweak APK. Which feature did you like more? Comment us!

Alternatives to WA Tweak APK

WA Tweak APK is an amazing WhatsApp tool that is just the demand by all the WhatsApp users but the big unfortunate thing about it, users need to root their device for installing this app. Here are a few alternatives to the WA Tweak APK with a few similar experiences.

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  • GBWhatsApp APK: From the list of mods one more popular WhatsApp mod is GBWhatsApp APK. There is no need to root your device for installing it.
  • WhatsApp MOD: Experience best restricted free messenger with the end to end pole encryption and other upgraded privacy disciplines with WhatsApp MOD.
  • WhatsApp PLUS: After the GBWhatsApp app the one more used WhatsApp mod is WhatsApp PLUS APK. it supports many languages and operating systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

After going through the content, I don’t think anything necessary remaining about the WA Tweak APK that we have missed. After using this app a few users commonly asked a few questions that I thought appropriate to describe here.

Is WA Tweak APK Safe?

WA Tweak APK is a demanded WhatsApp tool that enables the user to allow all the beta WhatsApp experiences. Google Play Stayed it unsafe for the Android devices and this is also reasoning that WA Tweak is not available on the store. So, use it at your own risk.

Is the root required to install WA Tweak APK?

Big yes, the root is a necessary thing for installing the WA Tweak APK. this app is not developed for all android phones but only root phones can run it. Moreover, if you don’t know about root then don’t try to install it.

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