TVTap 2021 – Download TVTap Pro Apk & iOS for Android and iPhones

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TVTap is one of the most popular apps for streaming live TV on Android devices for free of cost. If you are one of those people who love to watch TV and want to watch their favorite programs. But they cannot manage to sit in front of a television then TV Tap is the best app for those people.

Here on this page, you will be able to find the download links to the TVTap Apk as well as a detailed guide about the TVTap iOS.

So, let’s start it;

What is TVTap?

Countries supported by TVTap

TVTap is an Android application developed by the in 2018 that allows the users to watch live television right from their smartphones for free. Currently, almost 15 countries are supported by the app and these countries include Arab, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, United States and the United Kingdom and a few others.

All the channels are available in full high definition as well as in more than 3 languages for the people of different countries.

TVTap is a free application and you can check the version details of the app in the below table.

App NameTVTap

Features of TVTap

TVTap is a quite new application in the market and is getting a lot of exposure in the very beginning the reason is the number of features.

There are a lot of good features in this application that you will love and would like to know more about. Below I have mentioned a few silent features of the TV Tap.

  • It is 100% free, means you don’t need to signup or buy it.
  • More than 150 channels from over 10 countries in up to 3 languages.
  • Simple and elegant interface that makes the usage of the app a lot simpler.
  • All channels are beautifully divided into 9 different categories.
  • Simple but powerful filter option to filter channels of unwanted countries.
  • Event notification option that gives a notification when any special sport starts streaming.
  • Bookmark and history features allow you to bookmark and look at the channels you watched before.
  • Two types of video players for best performance.
  • Video quality options allow you to choose your desired video quality.

So, friends, these were a few silent features of the TVTap and I hope you have enjoyed them. Let’s move up and learn more about it.

Download TVTap Apk

Those users who have got an Android smartphone would like to download TVTap Apk. Unfortunately, due to the policy violations by the application, it is not available on the Google Play store. So, you have to manually download and install it on your own device.

To download the Apk file, you can click on the below download button. We have securely hosted the application on our Google Drive servers that scans the files for any unwanted security issues.

Download TVTap Pro

Guys, if you are tired of seeing an unwanted advertisement in the normal version of the TVTap then you must be looking for a version that doesn’t have any ads so that you can stream your favorite media without any problems or errors. Well, there is a pro version, which allows the users to stream their favorite TV shows and dramas in full high definition without showing advertisements.

Features of TVTap Pro

Below are a few features of the Pro version;

  • You can use the application without any sort of Ads.
  • All the channels are available in full high definition.
  • Pro version is in beta so it is free for a very short time.
  • You can save the programs and other shows to watch later.
  • There are even more features like data saver and usage calculator.
  • Pro version uses fewer resources as compared to the normal one.

Download TVTap iOS

There are a lot of users who want to download the TVTap application for their iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. Since the application is so amazing and free so everyone would like to download it on their devices.

But unfortunately, at this time the iOS version of this application is not available that is why you can’t download the TVTap iOS on for now. But there are a lot of alternatives for the iOS users. And if you just need a live TV streaming application for your iPhone then you can search for its alternatives with similar features.

Final Words

Friends, there are a lot of applications in the market that provides the facility to stream live television, no matter which app you download, all the apps provide almost the same features and channels. But if you choose a paid one then you will surely get some other cool features too which you can get from the TVTap pro version too for free for a limited time.

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