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Swift Dark is a more engrossing theme application carrying a pack of thousands of creative themes for Smartphones. Once users install it, they will be able to customize themes of all apps that they have installed on their Androids. it fully works without TBO themes ready gapps and supports Androids 5, 6.0, 70., 7.1 / Google pixels / Oxygen OS 4/ Lineage OS + OMS. Hopefully, you are interested in the Swift Dark Substratum Theme APK and also be wanting to download it.

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Swift Dark Substratum is one of the best themes holding an app that is compatible with all smartphones. while using it on Android 7.1.1v it often shows notification but users don’t need to worry about it because the developers developed it with the frequent support. it supports substratum theme engines. Instead of changing the themes to dark or light manually, it is the best way to change their interface colors of 200+ apps the same instant.

More marvelous about the Swift Dark APK it enables users for overlayer 200+ handcrafted on all the apps in Androids. its latest version is available on the Google Play and Apple Store. it is including dark one plus 5 themes over 3/3T and extra native oxygen theme with the support of accent changer. Enjoy the best dark themes experiences on your Android Smartphone with the dark pixel and nexus themes. Apply Dark OMS or Android O theme for the mind-blowing display.

Here is the necessary information about Swift Dark Substratum Theme APK and one would go through before using it.

What is Swift Dark Substratum Theme?

Swift Dark Substratum Theme is the best theme app developed for Androids, iOS, and desktops supporting 200+ overlayer for themes. It is compatible with all the Android from 7.0 and also include Lineage OS 4 in its frequent support. The more engrossing thing that makes this app unique is its Gapps Ready service but keep in mind the Substratum engine should be enabled for this purpose. Now just need to install it on your Android and then you will be able to run you all apps in the themes whatever that you want.

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The more marvelous thing about the Swift Dark Substratum Theme APK, as I described earlier that it is available on Android’s traditional stores such as Google Play and Apple Store. no need to root your device for enjoying its services. Sometimes it may not be compatible with your operating system due to low operational activities. But don’t worry about it, go through the entire content and I also have described its few alternatives that you also can use instead Swift Dark Substratum Theme APK.

Download Swift Dark Substratum Theme APK

Swift Dark Substratum Theme is a more desired app that is the demand every android user but one thing that you keep in mind, this app needs high operational abilities to work properly. It supports Android 7.0+ and Samsung note 9, 8 and all the iOS devices. Android users can install it easily from the Google Play Store. Moreover, you can also download its apk file from our site. Users don’t need to pay even a single penny for it.

Press the download button and download Swift Dark Substratum Theme APK 2021 Now!

Before going to the next, these are a few technical aspects of Swift Dark Substratum Theme APK that you should read once.

Swift Dark Substratum Theme APK
App SizeVaries with device
VersionVaries with device
Price 0USD
App Packagecom.swiftdark.apk
Last Update07/02/2016

Features of Swift Dark Substratum Theme APK

Swift Dark Substratum Theme App is a feature-rich app that offers thousands of amazing experiences besides the exclusive themes. Apply the dark and light and some colorful themes according to your dream for all the apps that you have installed on your Android. You just need to fulfill all the things that the operating system required to support the Substratum engine. Just download and install the app then you will able to download your favorite themes to apply.

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Here is the list of features of Swift Dark Substratum Theme APK that I think you would go through once before leaving.

  • Include Dark Themes: More marvelous thing about the Swift Dark Substratum Theme app, you will be able to access dark one plus with the 5 themes over 3 3/T. it is also including extra native oxygen theme for the Android devices and supporting 200+ apps at the instance.
  • Samsung Theme: Apply a fully-fledged Samsung theme on any device. Enjoy Samsung’s theme on your android device without rooting the phone. Plus, default the resolution setting with just a single tap using the Swift Dark Substratum Theme APK.
  • Ton Dark Themes: Besides the appreciative dark loved Samsung themes it also has enables users to enjoy dark nexuses theme, dark pixel theme, Dark OMS and Android O theme, Dark Lineages Theme and many more changed with the resolution on the smartphones.

These were a few features about the Swift Dark Substratum Theme APK. Which feature did you love to know? Comment us!

Alternatives to Swift Dark Substratum Theme APK

Swift Dark Substratum Theme APK is the more desired app for Android users, especially for the Samsung Naught users. It has enabled users to apply the Samsung themes on any other smartphone that simply means that they enjoy Samsung’s theme even on OPPO or QMobile. Here is the list of alternatives to Swift Dark Substratum Theme APK that you can also run on your Android in worse of running this theme app.

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  • Dirty Dark APK: Using the custom Ore ROM 8.0. so, you can easily download Dirty Dark Theme and also freely install it on your smartphone.
  • Fuchsias Black: In the list of themes for Samsung Naught here is another theme app developed Fuchsias Black APK that is totally root-free.
  • Sais’s Oreo: it is a bare black theme for the Oreo users. Enjoy all the easy mods in the Saint’s Oreo app if you are a new Android Smartphone user.

Frequently Asked Questions

After reading the entire content, you may be standing out of seeking for more about Swift Dark Substratum Theme APK. it is a more engrossing theme app for all the Android smartphone users including most of Oreo and Naught Samsung themes. These are the questions that I thought appropriate to describe here and we think you should go through once.

Root required for Swift Dark Substratum Theme?

Depending on the operational abilities, sometimes Swift Dark Substratum Theme needs to root the device to activate it’s all aspects of the operating system. It is also apparent that in most of cases the Android users need to root the device. Simply after rooting the device, you will able to enjoy naught or Oreo theme on your Android.  

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