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SD Maid PRO is a useful app to keep all the Android clean and tidy. It offers plenty of new experiences for managing apps and optimizing all other operations running behind the apps. Uninstalling the apps doesn’t clear all the app’s data but a few crash files and folder remain in the device. It is the best app to clear unnecessary data from the device with just a single tap. On this page, you will meet with the 4.15.4v latest version of SD Maid PRO APK.

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Using the SD Maid, users can manipulate all the files with an amazing full-fledged file explorer. Browse your device in seconds and after doing it you will be able to see all the hidden unnecessary files. Remove all the junks, reclaim spaces and also monitor your device without any security detraction. Formerly detect all the files which are not deleted after uninstalling any app associated with it. Search all the doubtful files with the name or date or any other clue about it.

The latest version of SD Maid PRO APK also adds overview after optimizing the device for the storage, operations and all other bypass backgrounds works. Here is all about the SD Maid PRO APK that is actually the user’s needs.  

What is SD Maid PRO?

SD Maid PRO is a famous android optimizing tool that is shaded everywhere and all the handheld users are demanding. It adds plenty of useful tools such as apps manager, storage optimizer, operation optimizer, overview generator, junk remover and tons of other necessary things for Androids. Delete all the duplicate files from your device and clear it from the unnecessary data that remains in the device after uninstalling any app.

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One un-dejected thing about the SD Maid PRO APK is also available on the Google Play Store from where Android users easily can install it. Simply go to Google Play Store and search the SD Maid APK and tap on the install button. It is the just way to remove all the unnecessary data from your device and also to keep an optimized operating system. Users also can download it from our site and here is the link to download its apk file.

Download SD Maid PRO APK

As I described earlier, SD Maid PRO APK is a more loved app that keeps the device optimized and out of all the junk and unnecessary things. The more loving thing that you also can get both paid and free versions of this app from Android’s respected store. After the Google Play Store, you also can get the latest version of SD Maid PRO APK from our site. Press the given blue button and go to the download page to download this app instantly.

Here is the table holding a few technical aspects of SD Maid PRO APK and I am sure you will love to know.

App SizeVaries with Devices
VersionVaries with Devices
Price0 USD
App Packagecom.sdmaindpro.apk
Last Update13/01/2020

Features of SD Maid PRO APK

SD Maid PRO APK adds extra experiences that are extremely hoped more by then users than the free version (SD Maid APK). It browses all the android shows an explorer to manipulate files through the full-fledged system. Manage all the apps that you have installed and also delete all the duplicate files with the single tap. Experience the best overview with the several optimizers as storage and operations. In addition, you will also be able to remove junks from your device.

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  • Managed File Explorer: SD Maid PRO app creates a full-fledged file explorer that enables users to manipulate easily. Delete the data left by the uninstalled apps and also show all the unnecessary hidden files. Moreover, obtain a detailed overview of the storage.
  • Delete Duplicate Files: Instead of selecting all the duplicate files one by one scan with one tap using the SD Maid PRO APK and delete instantly with the single jerk. Do actual app cleaning and mage all the processes running on the background.
  • Overview Optimizer: Check the optimized result on the overview optimizer for the storage, operations and all the other processes running on your phone. Instead of going through the long process for optimizing your device simply go to the optimizer in SD Maid PRO APK and do it.
  • Schedule Many Tools: Schedule many tools using the SD Maid PRO APK. Stop many backgrounds running processes for a specific period and automatically start it by giving time. It also includes a file search box using which you can input catalogs to find any apps using the name of the app.

These are a few loved experiences of SD Maid PRO APK and I really think you are loved to know. Which highlight did you love more after knowing? Comment us!

Alternatives to SD Maid PRO APK

SD Maid PRO APK sometimes may not be compatible with your operating system. I also have listed a few apps alternating to this app with a similar function and features. You also can download and install anyone simply as the SD Maid PRO APK.

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  • CCleaner APK: Name CCleaner is more well-known as a jerk removing the app. It also shows optimizer for many operations as well as storage. Install it now and enhance the security of your device.
  • BleachBit APK: Where people discuss the best app optimizers for the Androids there the BleachBit APK is the name that surely people thaw. Moreover, you also can schedule many processes using it.
  • Glary Utilities: Glary Utilities APK offers numerous easy to use tools that are helpful in optimizing the device. Removes all the junks and crashed files after uninstalling the apps easily using this app.
  • AVG PC Tune: AVG PC TuneUP APK is designated here due to some solid reasons. It is more used apps for optimizing the android with its all aspects of storage and internal operations without any distraction.

Frequently Asked Questions

After going through the content, we don’t think anything necessary remaining about the SD Maid PRO APK that you missed. I am also sure you are standing out of all the confusion and questions that we’re raising on your Android. These are a few questions that users commonly asked for the SD Maid PRO APK.

Is SD Maid PRO APK better than other apps?

SD Maid PRO App is one of the best choices for Android users that keeps the device more optimized rather than apps. it enables users to overview a device optimizer holding all the operations. Moreover, you don’t need to about any aspects associated with security using the SD Maid PRO APK.

What is SD Maid PRO Unlocker?

SD Maid PRO Unlocker enables users to unlock all the locked features of SD Maid PRO APK. In other words, you can install this app directly first and then unlock all the features that you want instead of installing the crack version. 

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