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Thousands of bombers apps are available for handhelds but one of the top rating SMS bombers is known as RJ Bomber Apk which is recently developed with a heap of features. Most of the bomber apps available on the Google Play Store are paid or fake but it is the real one that lets you crash anyone’s smartphone by sending him thousands of messages without telling him your identity.

RJ Bomber Apk is the more popular bomber SMS service on android that has knocked everyone’s intense feeling of deep affection. With the appreciative SMS bomber amenity, it also offers call bomber, protect list and many customizations for messages. Like the old version Bombitup, there is no fear of limitation for SMS. It is the best way to for doing small pranks with your friends.

Using the RJ Bomber Apk you can customize thousand of messages according to your wish besides spamming someone’s email id. It is the right way to send hundreds of calls and messages at the same time. RJ Bomber also does its duty well on the international level and can send unlimited calls to your friends. If someone is bombing at you by messaged or calls then you also can use this app to stope it.

To stop bombing attacks on your device user must register himself so that he may not receive the calls and SMS longer. Like most of the bomber apps, you don’t have to root the device in which you want to install it. Users must keep in mind that the purpose of developing the bomber apps is just fun. So, you must be careful about your IP that is saving the records and which also can be used as proof. So, keep using the RJ Bomber Apk just in a fun zone.   

In the coming caption, I have described all about the RJ Bomber Apk. You will also go through its more loved highlights as well way to download it.

What is RJ Bomber?

RJ Bomber is the best bombing application ever developed that lets you crash your friend’s smartphone by sending unlimited messages without revealing sensitive details such as name or sender’s location. Using it you can customize messaged beside making the bomber calls. Pick the number that is in doubt to attack your smartphone and put it in a protective list to make secure your device.

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Unfortunately, the RJ Bomber app is not available on the Google Play Store. So, the user must have to make sure that he is understanding the coming caption that is describing its a to z installation. Furthermore, iOS users now also can enjoy the RJ Bomber using the jailbreak or. deb file. Old version Bombitup app that is limited for 500 hundred messages per day but it is out of fear of limitation for bombing the calls and messages.

Download RJ Bomber Apk

RJ Bomber is a beneficial application that is the desire of every handheld user. As you know that is not available on the Google Play Store. So, you must have to make sure that you are following the given stepwise method properly. On the number first, you have to download the apk file of RJ Bomber which you can get from several sources. Now go to the settings and switch on the unknown sources. Go to the file manager and open the downloaded file. simply press the install button.

Press the download button and download the RJ Bomber Apk Now!

Before downloading the RJ Bomber Apk you should go through the given a few technical aspects that may prove helpful in estimating your device with the operational abilities.   

RJ Bomber Apk
Apk Size7.44 M
Price0 USD
App Packagecom.rjbomber.apk
Last update4/12/2019

Features of RJ Bomber Apk

RJ Bomber Apk is a feature-rich bombing app that allows the user to attack the friend’s devices bombing thousand of messages and calls. With the appreciative bombing service on the Android, it also allows the user to customize the messages. Now block all the numbers that you think may attack your device but putting them on the protective list. One thing that you should keep in mind RJ Bomber Apk is just developed for fun purposes. So, keep it out of the revenge usage.

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Here is the list in which you find the more loved features of RJ Bomber Apk.

  • Custom Messages: Now with the latest version of RJ Bomber Apk user also can customize all the settings for the messages even till the chat background and theme. Put the digits with which you want to attack other smartphones and just start bombing.
  • Spam Email Address: With the appreciative bombing service now keep carrying the spamming emails of your friends. If you want to do bombing with the email instead of number then it also can be done nicely using the RJ Bomber Apk.
  • Send Calls & Msgs: Using the RJ Bomber app you can send a heap of calls and messages to your friends. It is the best way to crash the other smartphone by sending them a thousand+ messages at one time even without revealing the sensitive data.
  • Safe Yourself: if you are afraid of attacks of messages and calls instantly by the friends then you also can stop it putting the number or email in the protective list. Now there is no longer to receive messages and calls by others by registration in RJ Bomber Apk.

The above-given captions are describing a few features of RJ Bomber Apk. Which highlights that you loved more? Comment Us!

Alternatives to RJ Bomber Apk

RJ Bomber Apk is a beneficial application that allows a user to crash the other devices sending them thousand of messages and calls. It offers extra features than the expectation of any hopeful and I don’t think there is a need to use any other app instead of it. But sometimes it may be not compatible with most devices. So, you also can try a few given alternating applications to the RJ Bomber Apk.

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  • Text Bomber: if you want to attack the other smartphones bombing hundred of calls and messages then the Text Bomber Apk is the best option for you.
  • 10000+ SMS: it is the best option to use instead of the RJ Bomber Apk because you find hundred of customization settings for the SMSs on its interface.
  • Fake SMS Apk: Fake SMS app is a recently developed application for crashing the friend’s smartphones by sending them thousands of bomber SMS and Calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

IAMAPK is the more popular web to download thousand of apps and games for Androids. I have tried to explain all about the RJ Bomber Apk but a few questions that may be raising in your mind are given below. You should go through for additional information.

What is RJ Bomber?

RJ Bomber is the best alternative to Bombitup that allows the user to crash the smartphones of friends by bombing hundreds of calls and messages at the same time. It is compatible with all the low-end phones and also developed for iOS devices.  

Is RJ Bomber on Google Play?

RJ Bomber Apk is an illegal application that is often used for revenge purposes. So the Google Play Store doesn’t allow it to be in its store. But don’t worry, you also can download and install it using the given method.

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