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QooApp IOS is a very famous keyword on search engines these days. A bundle of articles are also present on the internet that how you can download this app. But I will state the whole story. This app is currently available for Android devices. You can find that easily. The reason why it is available for Android users easily is that the number of Android users are very high. The developers mostly develop the application for Android devices first.

Why this app named QooApp became so famous.  This has a vast collection of anime interesting games. Which made it famous. This is very popular in the anime game lovers. When they tell others about this amazing app. People search for this app. Some of them will be IOS users for sure. So how this question came into existence. And this is why people search about the QooApp for IOS.

There are some important things or parts that you might find interesting.

I know some of you don’t find this interesting but I have to write about all contents so everyone should get the answers. Let’s begin with our first content.

What is QooApp Application?

It is a library of some amazing Japanese games and some apps too. The games are mostly anime games. Anime game lovers will find it very interesting. It is a third party store which contains apps and games from different stores.

You can use this app store very easily in Japan because it is developed for Japanese. And it contains all the Japanese anime games. If you are not in Japan you might not be able to use this app store. But there are many app stores for different countries. If you are from the United States you can search for a US-based app store on your device.

Overall, If you are interested in using this app store you will find it very enjoying and this is especially for anime lovers. All the games and apps are free to play or use.

Some Features of QooApp

As I stated it is a store with a bunch of apps and games. Anime games are in it mostly.

They try to add some latest games in the list too as soon as possible for the users. This is a Japan-based version but you can find some other versions too with respect to your region. It has a new section too where you get all the latest news. The news keeps you updated with the world. There is also a section for comics. You can read about different comic stories. These are very interesting.

One negative thing about this app store that I should discuss is its security level. This is a third party app store. These kind of app stores are not secure mostly. You may download a junk file or you can say viruses. But the solution is you should install an antivirus for the device security.

Does QooApp exist for IOS users?

This might be the question that you might have come for. I am really sorry to there is not any IOS version of QooApp.Because they have not developed it yet. The number of Android users are much larger than IOS devices users so developers first think to develop an application for the Android users. But I hope they will develop QooApp for IOS users.

The people which are using QooApp on Android devices then they refer this app store to their friends. Not only this there are many apps which are very famous and worth to give a try. And this is one of them. But it is an app store.

Why are we not able to install the application of android on IOS?

The answer to this question is not all operating systems runs or executes each other’s application or games. Every operating system is unique. They only run the software which is compatible with them. For example, you cannot run the .exe file on Android. Similarly, you cannot install .apk file on IOS. And this app store is a .apk file.

Alternatives for the QooApp IOS

The QooApp is not available for IOS users. I think it is my duty now to tell you about the some of the good alternatives for your IOS devices.

  • TUTUApp: It is a very famous app store for IOS users after Apple app store. The apps and games are in premium mode mostly. But there are millions of apps in this app store. The team states that there are more than fifty million downloads till now. And they are increasing.
  • TweakBox: This is another popular app store for IOS users. This is not more famous than TUTUApp. But it provides a number of interesting games. It has a collection of more than 1500 premium games. 100 thousand downloads have been completed till now. And it is a rough estimate because the numbers are changing. The app store is very simple and the graphics are also very good.
  • FlekStore: This app store became famous in no time. There are many great games and apps in this store. Some famous games like  Pokemon Go hack, Airshow, and many others are also available.

Final Words

I tried my best to explain the contents. And it has also been clear that the IOS version of this app does not exist. But you can go for the alternatives. If you think there is an app store that should be in alternatives you can suggest us. I hope you enjoyed the article.

Thank you!

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