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Pokémon Master is the world’s best adventure game in which the user has a battle with various trainers choosing a favorite character from the Core series. Its main goal is to fight with others and become the champion of the game. If you are interested to play the Pokémon Master on your Android or iOS then this is the right place where you are now.

In the Pokémon Master there held a 3-on-3 tournament on the Pasio which is also called Pokémon Master League. The full gameplay story revolves around the artificially made island of Patio. Users have to fight with the three other trainers instead of the companions which also helps the and also has to overcome them to approach the game’s goal.

Pokémon Master game was released in August 2019 with the apk and iOS both versions by the DeNA the more well-known developer’s team. This game was the first solid collaboration between the Pokémon (Japanese Company) and the mobile game developers (DeNA). It is developed hardly developed and compatible with all the Android’s and iOS’s Smartphones.

To admit in the Pasio the user must have at least five badges that he can easily collect defeating the PML leaders located in Pokémon Master League. It also allows reading the sync pair story while recruiting the sync pair. Each sync has three roles Strike sync, support sync & tech sync pairs. Each pair has it’s on focus and duty.

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You can easily estimate the value of Pokémon Master by the downloading after the global release (10 Million+) with a revenue of $10 million. After a week of releasing it was increased to $26 million. After a great working behind it, the developers also brought it on the Google Play Store and AppStore which registers it as the legal mobile game.

Here you will learn all the basic technical aspects of the Pokémon Master. You will also know how to install and play it on all the handheld devices.  

What is Pokémon Master?

Pokémon Master is a more interesting mobile game that offers something else to play rather than all the other games. In this game, the user chooses the character initially and then fights with all the other trainers to win the game. Each team has three syncs and each sync has its own functions and duty. Moreover, users also can switch to easy, medium and hard modes to play.

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A very fortunate thing rather then all the other adventure games the Pokémon Master is also now available on the device’s respected stores such as Google Play on androids. It is available for android and iOS users with the compatibility to all the low-end version. Furthermore, iOS users also can easily access it from the Apple Store.

Download Pokémon Master Apk

Pokémon Master is a very beneficial game developed for Android, iOS, and MAC. It is compatible with all the versions and easy to install. Users can easily access it from the Google Play store for Androids as well as Apple Store on iOS devices. In addition, there are many ways to achieve this game from which one easiest method is described below.

Initially, you have to download the apk file of Pokémon Master. Tap on the button and download it now.

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Press the download button and download Pokemon Master Apk Now!

Wait a while! Before downloading the game, these are the few technical aspects from which you should go throughout.

Pokémon Master Apk
App Size
Price0 USD
App Packagecom.pokemonmaster.apk
Compatibility 4.0+
Last Update18/10/2019

Features of Pokémon Master Apk

Pokémon Master is the more beneficial game that is what every mobile user wants. You are getting a lot of ideal activities to do in this game such as creating sync, making a team, fighting with the trainers, multiplayer option uses of Picacho and many more. Furthermore, it is available on the device’s respected app stores from where you can get it without coasting anything.

A list of more loved features of the Pokémon Master is given below. Read once that will blow your mind.

  • 3-on-3 Battles: In the Pokémon Master game the users have to make three syncs to play must have at least five badges. To play it from start the user plays with the trainers. After the full training, there comes a battle between them to win.
  • 10+ Dragons: There play three syncs in the Pokémon Master against each other. All the trainers have their favorite dragons to play with. Moreover, to collect them go to the table build and multiply the dragon which you wish so much.
  • Multiplayer: Unlike most adventure games the Pokémon Master offers multiplayer to support. Now with this more interesting feature, you can play it with your friends with a connection to the server that you must have.

These were the more liked things about the Pokémon Master game. Comment Us! Which feature you more like?

Alternatives to Pokémon Master Apk

There is no doubt that the Pokémon Master is one of the advanced mobile games. But it also happens, sometimes this game needs more operational abilities rather than in the device you have. So, in this can, you also try the game similar to the Pokémon Master that I have listed below.

  • EvoCreo Apk: From the more popular adventure games developed for the Mobiles the EvoCreo apk is also one similar to Pokémon Master.
  • Cubemon 3D: Instead the Pokémon Master the Cubemon is more beneficial to play with all the 3D scenes. You also find the sync to play in it.
  • OpMon Apk: It is an open-source game to explore all the artificial islands. Furthermore, you can play this with your favorite character.

The above list was about the games which are similar to the Pokémon Master. Which game you more like? Comment Us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Pokémon Master is a more liked game about which all the essential instruction is described in detailly. Hopefully, there is no need to know more about it and also there is nothing remaining to learn more about this game after the above content. Furthermore, these are the questions that you may be thinking and which I think it’s fair to say given below.

How to Play Pokémon Master?

Pokémon Master game is very easy to play in which you just have to choose the character with which you want to train yourself. After this collect more than 5 badges and play with other trainers.

Can I Play Pokémon Master?

Obviously, if you are an Android or iOS user, you can easily play the Pokémon Master. To run it on the Androids, firstly, go to Google Play and install it. Moreover, on the Apple Store, it is also available.

Internet needed to play Pokémon Master?

Pokémon Master is an off-line play game but to play it with the multiplayer you must have to connect with the server. So to get connected with the server and play it with the friends which are far away from you, there is internet connection needed.

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