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Pandora One has got a lot of popularity due to their premium services, but the sad thing is that non-USA user cannot download Pandora iOS application on their smartphones from the iPhone’s App Store.

And if you want to download the Pandora One iOS app for all of your iOS devices then now you can download it from our site.

However, before proceeding, I would describe some basic terms about the Pandora iOS that I think you should know about.

What is Pandora One iOS?

Pandora One also known as Pandora Internet Radio is a music playing application that is based in the USA. It plays the top quality music from all the artists of the USA. The algorithm at which Pandora app works is straightforward. Just start playing any music/song you like, then the application will start playing other songs similar to the music you had played before. For knowing more read our detailed guide on what is Pandora One Apk.

Features of Pandora iOS

As I had described in earlier in the download post of the Pandora application that Pandora is a full-fledged app with a bunch of great features that you should know.

Here in this post, I will describe a few basic features of the Pandora one application.

  • You can listen to high-quality music according to your choice.
  • Premium services that you can get for free.
  • Paid users can also listen to songs offline.
  • Subscribe to your favorite artists for their latest songs.
  • Easy to use and simple application.

Does Pandora iOS Exist?

Well, this is the truth, but Pandora One for iOS doesn’t exist. The reason behind is that most of the users of the Pandora app are Android users and developing application for both of the devices is a bit difficult task for the developers.

But fortunately, we have a lot of alternatives out there that provide the same services as Pandora offers.

Alternatives to the Pandora one iOS

There are a bunch of great applications out there that you can use to listen to high-quality music on your iPhone out of the few are below.

  • Deezer: Deezer is another excellent music playing application that works almost the same as the Pandora One.
  • Spotify: It is also a freemium application with a lot of great features, but almost all good features are for paying customers.
  • Saavn: Saavn provides all the hit and popular songs of the Bollywood, Hollywood at one play you can also use it.


It is very sad that Pandora iOS doesn’t exist, but we have got some of the best applications as the alternatives to the Pandora app. You can download the iOS version of any of the application mentioned above in the alternatives section.

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