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KineMaster is a more featured android application that let edit and shoots professional video with smartphones. it is supporting plenty of tools for editing a video also along with layers, text, images, effects, filters, and audio. Editing on PC is traditional but the wonderful versatility on the smartphone is due to KineMaster Apk. On this site, I am going to provide easy links from where you can download KineMaster with its apk file without costing anything.  

Most of the applications for the same editing the videos don’t have more supreme control while editing video, especially during layering or trimming. People use different applications to edit the same videos as to work on audio, text, effects, layering but KineMaster Apk is one that has provided enhanced features and also has given a very beneficial design to them so you may not be irritated while editing videos.

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No doubt, KineMaster Apk is the best video editing application but is also a big media platform where we can share the videos and pics to anyone from the world. Moreover, you also can upload it on social media like Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Instagram with single tapping.

KineMaster application is not just developed for the androids but you also can use it on the iOS devices and PC. Now the editing is so easy using it. One can create more magnificent videos by multiple tools available in this beneficial application Moreover, you can get the best quality results of videos as well as the pictures by the given Pixels button. It can be activated for the 360p to 1080p.

Here I am going to tell you about the KineMaster Apk even with the ways to download and install. You will also find how to use it.

What is KineMaster?

KineMaster is a beneficial application with which one can shoot a professional video for different purposes as memory or YouTubing. It is not just a professional shooter but also can be used to edit the videos with the highly supreme tools. Now editing videos is so easy with the KineMaster Apk with several layers, filters, sound, effects, and text.

A more interesting thing about the KineMaster Apk, it is available on the Google Play Store from where the Android users can easily install it. Moreover, if Google is away from you then another option is also available which is the current page. I have given many links to download the apk file on a single click.

Download KineMaster Apk

KineMaster Apk is available on the different sites but you should note that on those sites it may available with the premium version. Here is the cracked version available which you can get without costing anything. Another necessary thing about the KineMaster Apk is not supporting the media downloader like most of the other applications. Downloading is so easy which can start on single tapping on the button before it, I think you should read the table.

In the given table I have described some necessary aspects that you should read before downloading and installing the KineMaster Apk.

KineMaster APK
Apk Size77 M
Price105.00 rup
CompatibilityAndroid 4.4+
Last updateOctober 11, 2019

Features of KineMaster Apk

KineMaster is a beneficial application for the Androids which is offering plenty of tools for editing and shooting professional videos. You are getting multiple layers and filter tools with the high audio improving implements. It is easy to use for the blending modes, voice covers, transitions and much more.

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Below I have described some popular features of KineMaster Apk that you will happy to know.

  • Multi-transitions: KineMaster application is developed with hundreds of layers, filters, thousand od amazing stickers. Most of the apps alternating to the KineMaster Apk offer layers but most of them are premium and available to buy but in this application every tool is available and there is no need to cost anything to use.
  • Instant-trimming: often in daily use, we need to cut any video for multiple purposes. In order to do it, we often use many premium software and apps but after installing the KineMaster Apk one can easily do trimming, Slicing and splicing. Moreover, you also find a frame to frame the trimming option and speed changer in this beneficial application.
  • Adjustment Tools:  in most cases, while shooting the videos the shooter’s mistakes happen due to the low or excess of light due to which many places in the video don’t view with the focus. One can use it to change the brightness, hue and most of the similar settings by this app. Moreover, you are can change the contrast to very till low.
  • Real-Time Recording: KineMaster is not just a video editing tool application but you can also use it to shoot professional videos very easily. Here is an instant capturing option available with which you can shoot video by just tapping on the red button at the same time without any second difference. Moreover, you also can apply filters while capturing.
  • Social Media Sharing: KineMaster is the best video editing application with which you can edit the videos with the easy buttons but also can share it with the Goggle+, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and many other video sharing sites. Moreover, you also can download any video to import data in for editing videos also along with thousands of new stickers.

KineMaster is the application that is more beneficial for video editing. It is coming with hundreds of features from which some special are given above.

Here next, I have described some alternating apps to the KineMaster Apk that you would like to install if you are unable to get KineMaster Apk.

Some Alternatives to KineMaster Apk

KineMaster apk is a well-featured application for editing the videos but if you are unable to get it or want to try some other apps for the same purpose then I also have given some alternatives to KineMaster Apk that you will love to know about them.

  • Adobe Premiere Clip: Basically, adobe premiere clip is the cracked version of Adobe Premier Apk. Most of the tools for editing videos are available in it.
  • Magisto: Magisto is a smart video editing tool that can edit and shoot the video in every professional way. Moreover, you also can share videos through it.
  • FilmoraGo: Filmora is a video editing software for the PC which is available in it is android’s version. It is also an application that can be used for editing.
  • Viva Video: One of the free editing applications to make the professional video is well-known with the Viva Video name. it offers several tools for video shooting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here I have described the query that is about the quests that the peoples asked regarding the KineMaster Apk. I think you should also take the overview to know most of the confusing aspects of this app.

Is it Safe to use KineMaster?

Using the KineMaster creates not issue about safety but the videos made by the cracked version of this app show watermark. Moreover, if you install it from the Google Play store you have no need to ask about the security of this apk.

What is the KineMaster app?

KineMaster is a wide range video editing application for the smartphones which is offering hundreds of functions about the layers, audio, text, or anything that want to do about the video. It is very easy to use and understand.

Is KineMaster available for Mac?

KineMaster is available with several versions but the exclusive version is just developed for the Androids. This application is not available for the Mac till now but we are hopeful to get it for Mac soon.

Does KineMaster cost Money?

KineMaster is offering weekly and monthly subscription plans which are available at a very reasonable price. Its monthly subscription ranges under 5$. For the annual subscription planning, it costs 40$.

How do I download KineMaster for free?

To download the cracked version of KineMaster Premium Apk you have to download its apk. After downloading it, you have to simply go in the settings, then go to advance options and look Unknown Sources. If it is off then tapped on it and on the Unknown Sources.

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