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Happy Chick is one of the hottest apk that is used to run all the Classic games such as PSOne and PSX on the Androids. In the beginning, it was developed for Android but if you are iOS or MAC user then you also can use it now on your device. If you are interested in to have this Apk then be on the page where I am going to provide the download links to get the Happy Chick Apk.

In the top 3 emulators for all the PSOne games, the Happy Chick Apk is also coming above. You are getting a more friendly-interface that is understandable with each aspect and button. It is capable to emulate all the old and new platforms of the games such as PlayStations, Xbox, and eighteen others. Unlike the other apps, you also find a screen split option to play your games on a large screen.

WiiMote, sixaxis and Xbox 360 and many other remotes can be used to play all these games in the split mode. You can connect all these remoted with the help of wireless or cable and can entertain by the other supported features. Not just but you also can use your hardware’s button to get instant mapping and actions.

Once you configured the Happy Chick Apk with console then you will able to run all the old platform’s games on your PC or mobile. Unfortunately, the configuration is a bit typical but don’t worry about it. In this content, you will also read how to configure the emulator’s settings.

In the below-highlighted statements, you will know about the basics and technicians about the Happy Chick Apk.

What is Happy Chick?

Happy Chick is the amazing gadget for the Androids that is capable to run all the PSOne and PSX games without breaking any hard stone. You are getting plenty of supported features such as Touchpad option, screen splitting, catalog downloading and many more. Not just the old platform’s games but you also can download the android’s game using its server.

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Another interesting thing that you would love to know, the games directly can download games from its catalog without using any hard tools. You also find a list of games after ending the search. Moreover, in availability, you can get it from different sources. Users can easily get it from the Google Play Store or Apple Store as needed.  

Download Happy Chick Apk

Accessibility of the Happy Chick Apk is very easy for all the operators. For the androids, you can easily get this application installed from the Google Play Store. To use it on iPhone and iPads, it is also available on the Apple Store, Moreover, if you are far away from them to access the Google Play then tap on the button to get the Happy Chick Apk now.

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Press the download button and download Happy Chick Apk Now!

In the coming table, you will find some technical aspects of the Happy Chick Apk.

Happy Chick Apk
Apk Size
57.96 M
Price0 USD
App Packagecom.xiaoji.emulator
Last update22/4/2019

Features of Happy Chick Apk

Happy Chick Apk is a rich-featured application to emulator 1,2 & 3 Nintendo 64 and other consoles on market. It is an amazing tool that lets us enjoy all the games that you think. It is supporting screen splitting, touchpad, hardware playing and many more beneficial features that you don’t find in old PlayStations.

Here is a list describing the more loved features of Happy Chick Apk.

  • Catalog Installation: Happy Chick emulator is offering direct access to all the games. You can now download and install all the games without using any third tool. Moreover, through its server, the user can also access the Androids games.
  • Touchpad Support: Unlike most of the emulator, Happy Chick Apk is also supporting the touchpad play system. Now you can play all the games using your android’s touch screen. Moreover, it also hardware keys can be used for instant mapping and response.
  • More Compatible: Happy Chick Apk is more compatible to run all the PSX and PSOne games on the Androids. You also experience the best graphics, perfect sounds and accurate hold on the events. Moreover, it also can work on low compatible devices.
  • Eighteen Platforms: If you a traditional gamer and want to play all the old games then there is good news for you. Happy Chick is supporting all the old platform’s games that you can play on your Android device.

These were a few cool features about Happy Chick Apk that you would like after knowing.

Alternatives to Happy Chick Apk

Happy Chick Apk is an incomparable application from all the emulators of the present but here I also have described some similar applications that you will happy to know.

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  • PPSSPP Apk: PPSSPP is an amazing emulator with the hundreds of features to play all the PSX and PSOne games on Androids.
  • ePSXe Apk: To have a fantastic PSX gaming experience on the multiple operators Happy Chick is the best choice for the gamers.
  • NES Emulator: In the top five alternating apps to the Happy Chick Apk the NES Emulator is also one from the list to play PSOne games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Happy Chick Apk is an amazing pack with the hundred of features that present with a great experience. Most of the necessary aspects, I have described the Happy Chick Apk.  These are a few quests by the users that you may also be thinking.

Is Happy Chick legal to use?

Yes, Happy Chick is totally free and legal to use. All the respected app stores such as Google Play for the Android and Apple Store for the iOS presents with the official version of this app.

How do I install the Happy Chick?

Rather then the Google Play Store you must have to install the Emus4U to access the Happy Chick Apk from the store. Go to the more apps and tap on getting a button next to the Happy Chick.            

What does Happy Chick do?

Basically, the Happy Chick Apk is an emulator that provides the circumstances according to the file’s extension. Moreover, it is used to run more than eighteen platform games.

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