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H1Z1 is the Battle Royal game in which the players start fighting with each-other till the final Deathmatch. Players can start it with the different play modes such as solo, duo or group of five with the destination of being the last person or team. If you are interested to download and install the H1Z1 Apk on your android device then you’re absolutely on the right page.

To understand the gameplay story of H1Z1 Apk the Bad North Apk that is also on our site is enough for this purpose. The main destination of the game is to become the last person so it depends upon the player, he plays it singly or with the team. The fight starts in a random place by parachuting map and once the players reach that place, they must have to save themselves to live there.

H1Z1 Apk is a free-to-play game that offers most of the content to play without coasting anything. With such an interesting gameplay story this game also offers a mind-blowing pack of features. Safety of life for the players is a too necessary thing and he can take anything from hunting other players till grabbing the weapons to kill one an each other.

Not just fight but the players also find powerful engines to chase down the opponent or making a gateway quickly. They can scavenge hundred of weapons as well as other supplies from the surrounding. In cases of injury, the players also can sue first aid kit. Moreover, to deconstructing the scavenge goods players also find the crafting system

Here we will be playing the H1Z1 Apk besides a few necessary instructions such as installation on Androids.

What is H1Z1?

H1Z1 is a more popular game with an astonishing gameplay story in which the players fight with each other considering the Deathmatch. The main goal of the game is to become the last bravest person. As the player does more in-game, the toxic gas cloud compresses the map and saves them from other hurdles by the environment.

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An unfortunate thing about the H1Z1 Apk users cannot access it through the device’s respected stores such as Google Play or Apple Store which may create a hurdle. But don’t worry about it, you also can download and install the H1Z1 Apk on every handheld device using this way.

Download H1Z1 Apk

H1Z1 Apk is an interesting game demanded by every handheld user. It is developed by Daybreak a game company with the Apk, iOS, and MAC versions. If you are an android user then you must have to download the apk file first to install. In order to do that, simply tap on the download button and get the H1Z1 Apk now.   

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Press the download button and download H1Z1 Apk Now!

In the given table, I have described a few technical aspects of H1Z1 Apk that the user should go through all of the given.

H1Z1 Apk
Apk Size4 M
Price0 USD
App Packagecom.h1z1.apk
Last update17/13/2018

Features of H1Z1 Apk

The best action game with the engrossing content and big pack of features is now developed such as H1Z1 Apk. it is more convenient to play and supports plenty of highlights such as touchpad supported, random control supported and many more. Furthermore, players also can play it with friends using the multi-play option.

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In the given list, you will find the popular features of H1Z1 Apk that you will feel loved to know about.

  • First-Person-Shooting: H1Z1 Apk is a first-person-shooting game that offers leadership to one. More than 30 military members wait for the orders of the leader. Further, you also can play it singly till the end.
  • Multi-Player Mode: Users also can play the H1Z1 Apk with their friends. You just need a strong server connection to do it. Furthermore, it can add up to 5 players to play which can fight each other.
  • Dangerous Weapons: In H1Z1 Apk the player also can collect the weapons as well as the other scavengers such as food and first aid kit. Moreover, he also finds the crafting system for the deconstruction of all those goods.
  • Touchpad Supporting: H1Z1 game can be played through several external remotes as well as the screen touchpad and hardware’s button. Using the screen splitting option, you also can get a big Display to play.

The above-given statements were describing some awesome features of H1Z1 Apk. Which highlight that you liked more? Comment the US!

Alternatives about H1Z1 Apk

No doubt, H1Z1 Apk is the best adventure game of 2021 but to run it you must have a high-end operating system with enhanced operating abilities. But if you have a low-end device then it may create problems while running or installing it. I also have given some similar applications to the H1Z1 Apk that you would like to know.

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  • Fortnite Battle: Fortnite Battle is the best Royal Battle game with the last man standing destination and best PvP.
  • Metro game: if you like the horror game then the Metro Game is the best choice to run on the low-end devices.
  • Apex Legends: First-Person-Shooting by the more popular game Apex Legend Apk can be enjoyed on the Androids.

Frequently Asked Question

The given series about the quests is more beneficial to read after installing the H1Z1 Apk? These are questions mostly asked by the players that I thought appropriate to describe.

Is H1Z1 Apk on Mobile?

H1Z1 will come soon for the Androids is the commitment by the popular game studios such as NantWorks and Umbrella. So when every it will release the Android users will find it free of cost.

Is H1Z1 Apk 2 Player Game?

If you want to play the H1Z1 Apk with multi-player mode then you also can do it and fill the group with up to five players. it also offers a grade table for the players showing the result on it.

Is H1Z1 free for PC?

Yes, of course, the H1Z1 is not also available for PC. You have no need to use an emulator for this purpose. Furthermore, as well as PC Version the H1Z1 is also available for iOS and MACs.

Does H1Z1 Apk has Split Screen?

H1Z1 Apk with the 2021 version is now available with the screen splitting option. It means that you can easily split this game to any other screen rather than mobile using the cable or Bluetooth.

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