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Do you want to experience best action games on the androids or the other handheld devices such as iPhone/iPads? Gear POP for which the developers promised has launched now. It is the best fighting game in which you can take over one character from a hero or villain and can fight against the enemy.

If you are interested to download and install this game properly on your device read the full description. I am also going to provide the download links to get the apk file with just one tap.

Same like the Mario Kart tour game that I have described before it, the Gear POP is also available on the Google Play Store free of cost. Another interesting thing about it that is also similar to the previous game, you can play it for multiplayer connecting to the server. Join the forces and play with each other using different weapons such as guns, pistols and hand granaries.

The more impressive interface in which you find each and everything such as controls, quick sit, weapon, volume and graphics options. In this action game, you have to strive for supremacy on iconic gears in the battlefields. Funky pop goes with a group of military and fights against the enemy. After losing the weapon tap on the hide button and get the new weapon.

As in 2018, there was just announced the name of this game (Gear POP) and it was tweeted by the developer that the next coming game will be launched as one of the best action games. After releasing the Gear POP with the Funky POP, we also noticed a crowd for it.

The more loved thing about the Gear POP, it is supporting iOS devices as well as androids. After a few days of developing the developed observed the people’s love for it and launched its iOS file. iOS users easily can install the Gear POP without using .deb file or jailbreak.

Here we will be playing the Gear POP. You will also learn how to get this game on Android and iOS?

What is Gear POP Apk?

Gear POP is a more interesting game for androids and iOS launched a few days ago. In this game, the user finds many characters such as a hero or villain that they have to choose to play. Funky POP is the boy which is the leader of the military and more than 30 persons wait for his orders. You also find different weapons such as Hand grenadiers, guns, pistols, bombs, a knife and many more things to kill the enemy.

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A fortunate thing about the Gear POP the android users also find it on the Google Play Store. It is the best fighting game that is supporting many handheld devices. The MAC users also can run it on their pc using the emulator. Here in the very next, I have properly told how one can download and install the Gear POP easily?

Download Gear POP Apk

Gear POP is a more popular fighting game developed for Androids and iOS. Each handled user can get it easily from the device’s respected store such as Google Play for the Androids and Apple Store for iPhone. If you are away to access the Google Play then here is also a way using which you can get the Gear POP Apk. Tap on the download button given below.

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Press the download button and download GearPOP Apk Now!

Wait a while! Before downloading the Gear, POP Apk makes that your devices are approaching all these operating abilities.

Gear POP Apk
Apk Size100+
Price0 USD
App Packagecom.gearpop.apk
Last Update18/10/2019

Features of Gear POP Apk

Having the best action game, the Gear POP also offers plenty of features while playing. It is more loved due to the multiple player options with which you can play the same game with your friends even in different places. Over than 30 gears wait for the Funky’s order. You can choose many interesting weapons from the store for fighting. Moreover, it includes many stages that you can switch to easy, normal and hard without.

Here is the list of features that the users liked more and often remember in the good words.

  • Battlefield fight: Funky POP has to strive for the supremacy on the gears and companions. Moreover, you find a lot of things to do in the field such as changing the iconic gears, saving the companions, changing the character and many more.
  • Ariana Battle: In actual the funky POP is the person that is playing the game on the android. He can fight the battle through Ariana with the big leagues and also can challenge the big players. Moreover, you also find the text mettle option for the weapons.
  • Multiplayers:  After connecting to the server you can play the Gear POP with your friends. In this mode, your brined will be shown as the enemy that you have to face but you also can change the mode and can play friendly as companions.

Alternatives to Gear POP Apk

Gear POP is a very popular game with the addon fun. It is available on the Google Play Store free of cost. Here I also have listed a few games similar to the Gear POP that you can play instead of it.

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  • Shadow Fight 3: Shadow Fight 3 is one of the best action games for android users. Similar hero and villain character that you find in this game.
  • Mortal Combat X: it is the fighting video game developed by the Neather Relam supporting all the handheld devices such as Androids and iOS.   
  • Marvel Contest: Marvel Contest is one of the best action game developed in 2014. It is offering multiple player options with the just link to the server.

Frequently Asked Question

Gear POP is a more known game respected due to interesting levels and characters. In this description, I have described all about it but these are a few quests by users that you would read.

What is Gear POP?

Gear POP is a more well-known action game in which the Folky POP is the leader of a military of 30 persons. The users have to choose firstly character in which he wants to play a role and then has to fight against the enemy.

What operators for which Gear POP is developed?

An exciting thing about Gear POP! Now it is available for the Androids, iOS and also for MAC. Users can easily get it from the Google Play Store as well as the Apple Store. Moreover, to play it on the MAC you must have to install the emulator first.

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