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Facetune is the best photo-editing application that let’s touch any selfie and add some spectacular effects. It is offering plenty of tools to make a photo in a very professional way. Using the tool in this app is so easy unlike in other apps. If you are interested to create gifts or some special photos then you should have the Facetune Apk.

Editing photos is so trendy nowadays but is also traditional on computers. Facetune Apk is the more beneficial application that is offering hundreds of tools to apply different effects and make a slide show now in the portable form. No doubt, it is the best editor, not just you also can use it for shooting the selfies. By the media sharing option, your photo may be sent to your relatives.

Facetune2 is the next generation of Facetune apk in which you find more tools then the Facetune Apk. A very beneficial feature that it also shows the tutorial with each tool that how to use it on the photo. After finishing the work on the photos, you just have to save them in the phone memory.

You are getting the new pro collection of retouching features with which you can change the teeth, hue, brightness and draw some special things on photos by the Facetune Apk. Moreover, you also get instant capturing with the volume button after setting it for the volume key.

Here in the coming content, we will be using the Facetune Apk. I also have described the easy way to get Facetune Apk installed.

What is Facetune?

Taking selfies has become the new culture of the present time. So, there are thousands of apps available to do it but in comparison with all of m, you will be finding the Facetune Apk on first. It is the most popular application to edit photos with the simplest and easier way without working hard.

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Another fortunate thing about the Facetune Apk it is available on the Google play store, unlike most apps. It is the best way to look amazing in each selfie. If you are away from the Google Play Store then I also have provided its apk file on this site.

Download Facetune Apk

Facetune Apk is a more beneficial application for editing photos and developed by Lightricks Ltd. It is the next level fun for the photos. You can install this app in the different operating systems such as Androids, iOS and now also on PCs without using any emulator. Here I have given a download button, tap it to download the apk.

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Download FaceTune Apk Now!

Stop here! Before installing the Facetune Apk I think it will be better to read the operational abilities and some basics of Facetune Apk.

Facetune Apk
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App PackageCom.lightricks.free
Last Update:04-09-2019

Features of Facetune Apk

Facetune Apk is an excellent photo editing apps with a couple of tools and interfaces. After a star rating, I think you may be highly known the benefits of this app. It is not just a photo editor but you also can run it to take instant selfies with the volume key.

Here I have listed a few features of Facetune Apk that you will happy to know.

  • Instant Capturing: Facetune Apk is not just a photo edit but it also can be used to take selfies or shooting the photos. It can be done by setting the volume key for camera rolling. Moreover, you are also getting more interfaces to work on the photo by this app.
  • Basic editing: you are getting plenty of tools to work on photos with which you can change the teeth, hairs, color, body and much more. Moreover, you also get hue and brightness default options with several contrasting settings.
  • Share Media: Facetune Apk is providing you a big platform on which you can share your photos with anyone. It also provides a media download button with which you can download data to import. Moreover, you also can create the slide show of your photos.
  • Retouching tool: using the retouching tool you can smooth your skin fix redeyes, whiten teeth and much more. It also includes the color changing of lip, skin, and eyes. Moreover, you also can increase or decreases the eye and lip size by it.

Facetune Apk is a rich-featured application that has hundreds of amazing tools. These were its few famous highlights due to which the Facetune Apk more loved.

Some Alternatives to Facetune Application

Facetune Apk is a well-functioned application that is the best editor for the photos. No doubt, using this app will more beneficial to work on photos but if you are far away from it then I also have described some similar apps that you will love to know.

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  • PicsArt: PicsArt photo editor is a fun and easy photo editor that offers thousands of tools also with the tutorial on how to apply on pics?
  • Retrica: Having professional editing the Retrica is the best choice to shoot and edit photos. Furthermore, you are getting it without costing anything.
  • RetouchMe: RetouchMe is a paid application that offers high-end editing with simple and easy tools. You also can change the face by using it.
  • piZap: if you are looking for an instant shooter app then you search eds after piZap. It also offers collage layouts, stickers, emojis and plenty of filters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Facetune Apk is a highly rating application for editing photos. There are many questions asked by the users that you should overview once.

Is Facetune Apk free for Androids?

Facetune Apk is free with in-app purchase Facetune2 which is its next-generation app. You can subscribe to it for the year with the 20$. Moreover, it is also including weekly and 3 days subscription.  

Is the Facetune2 Apk free?

No, Facetune2 Apk is a paid version of Facetune Apk. It is offering a different subscription for the facility of users. You can subscribe to it for 3-days, 1 week and 1 year with the 4$, 10$ and 40$.

Is there Facetune Apk for Androids?

Obviously, if you are seeing the apk extension the Facetune Apk is developed for Androids. Moreover, Facetune Apk is also developed for iOS devices. It means professional photo maker is now on your iPhone.

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