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Casper is a powerful Android application that brings a lot of features to the Snapchat application and the users of the Snapchat can enhance the functionality of their apps using Casper App. If you are interested in downloading Casper APK on your smartphone then you will find the download links to the application package file on this website.

Snapchat is no doubt one of the best social media applications out there that you can use to connect with your loved ones on the Go. With time it has been proved that Snapchat is a topmost important application that can be used to shares the entertaining and funny snaps with friends and relatives.

One feature that is missing in the official app is the permission to save pics, although you can take screenshots of the snaps being shared doing so will result in sending a notification to the other person and sometimes it is very embarrassing.

Moreover, Snaptchat also deletes the media file after a few minutes of your opening and there is no way to get that media back through Snaptchat. And this is where people start searching for some applications to save those images and videos without letting the sender known.

Here we will be using the Casper Snapchat Saver, which is a powerful tool, let’s discuss this in details;

What is Casper?

What is Casper

Casper is an addon for the Snapchat application that not only allows the users to save the images and videos permanently without letting the other person known, instead, you also have a number of great features and functionalities that are not provided by the official Snapchat App.

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One very unfortunate thing about the Casper Snapchat 2019 is that it is not available on the Google Play Store, so the users have to manually download the Casper Apk on their smartphones. Below you can get the download links to the Apk file.

Download Casper Apk

Casper is a free application that is developed by some unknown developers but is available on the internet to download for free of cost. If you want to install it on your smartphone then you need its apk file. And below links to the Casper Apk file that you can download by clicking the below button.

Below is a table that describes some of the technical aspects of the Casper Apk that may be needed while using this app.

Casper Apk
Apk Size17.8 MBs
Price0 USD
CompatibilityAndroid 4.4 +
Last Update3/3/2019

Features of Casper Apk

Casper is a featured rich application that stands it out of the ground and makes sure people love it. As I told up earlier that there are a few basic features that must be in the official Snapchat Application but are not available so the Casper fill the space.

Below is a short list of the features of the Casper Apk and I have also described them as much as I could.

  • Even More Filters: There are a few filters available in the official app that are not updated very often so to overcome this issue you get thousands of new filters upon installing Casper Apk on your smartphone, these filters are then often updated based on your Geo, etc.
  • Save Photos/Videos: As we all know that the official Snapchat app doesn’t allow us to save any story or any photo/media app, instead, the media is automatically deleted after viewing once but Casper allows us to download the media and save it on storage for future use.
  • Media Editor: The media editor of the Casper allows us to edit the media with enhanced features to make it even more appealing and attracting.
  • Message Forwarding: Using the forwarding option that is exclusively available for the Casper users now you can forward any text/message that you receive from any Snapchat user to any of your friend or relative.
  • More Stickers/Emojis: Stickers and emojis are always compelling and users love to share them with others, whether you are sad or happy you will find a suitable sticker/emoji according to your taste and can share it with others.

These were some of the best features of the Casper Apk that makes it amazing. If you are going to use it then you would love it.

Below is a simple and easy step by step guide on how to install it on your smartphone easily.

How to Install Casper Apk on Android

For most of the users, installing the Casper APK will be a headache because they don’t know how the Apk files are installed on Android devices. So, here I am going to tell you with the step by step guide on how to install the Casper on your Android device.

  1. First of all, download the Casper Apk file on your smartphone, if you have not downloaded yet, download it using the download button given above.
  2. After that you need to enable the installations from unknown sources on your smartphone for that purpose to go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources > Enable it.
  3. Now open the File Manager app or the Downloads folder from the app drawer and find the Casper1.5.6.apk file and tap on it.
  4. Now the installation wizard will be opened, there click install and then Next button and wait a few seconds the app will be installed.
  5. Once the application is done installing, press the home button and open menu there you will find Casper app icon tap on it and launch it and accept the terms and conditions of the applications.
  6. For using your Snapchat account you have to log in using the credentials of your account, enter your username and password and login to the application.
    Login to Casper App

That’s it, now you have successfully installed the Casper APK file on your smartphone and can continue using it and can get all the benefits of the application to its best possible level. If you need any help regarding install the Casper checkout the below FAQs or contact us.

Some Alternatives to Casper Application

Casper is no doubt the best app and does it’s work very well. But there are a lot of good applications that can be used as Casper apk an alternative and I am sure you will love them too.

  • SnapHack: It has a very simple interface that makes it unique and a good alternative to the Casper Apk.
  • SnapBox: Using it you can set to autosave specific stories to the Gallery, best for automating the work.
  • SnapSave: Hides your activities from the real account making your activities fully private.
  • SaveMySnaps: Works just like the Casper Snapchat Saver but provides a bit bad user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few important FAQs that a lot of users often ask so we had liked to list them below along with their detailed answers.

Is it Safe to use Casper?

Yes, there is nothing wrong with the Casper so you need not worry about anything like whether you should use it or not? There are users who have been using this application for years and everything is absolutely fine.

Who Developed the Casper App?

The Casper is a third party application that was not codded and developed by the officials at Snapchat, instead, some unknown developers had developed and published it on the internet.

Do I need to Root my Phone for using it?

A lot of the users have this question in their minds and want to know whether they need to root their phones or not for using it? Well, the root is not required for using it at all.

Will Using this app cause a Ban to my Account?

Well, no one can say it 100% accurately because till now there is no sign of banning any accounts who are using such modded versions of the Casper Apk but in the future, the officials at SnapChat may take actions against such applications and accounts who are using such apps. So, use at your own risk.

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