AtoZ Downloader Apk & iOS Download Latest Version 2018 & Features

AtoZ Downloader is one of my favorite Google Play Store alternatives because we can use it to download paid apps and games for free of cost. There are a lot more features in the app which I will discuss below later.

Most of the times when we search for some apps on the Play Store the one problem which we guys face is that the apps are not available on the Play store due to which we have to download the apk file of that app first by searching and opening any site from the Google and then downloading the app. All of this process is very hard to follow and also required much time, to overcome this problem some developers developed such sites and apps which you can use to download Apk files of the apps directly on your smartphone. And AtoZ Downloader is one of those apps.

I will cover everything about the application in full details.

What is AtoZ Downloader?

AtoZ Downloader is also known as All In One Downloader which provides it users the facility to download latest and old MP3 songs of almost all the popular artists and singers very easily and quickly. You are also allowed to watch movies online and download them with three times faster speed.

The above were just a few things that you could do with the AtoZ Downloader the best thing about this tool is the paid apps, have you ever seen any paid app on the Google Play Store, like Minecraft and there are much more you cannot download them without testing buying them. But when you use apps like AtoZ Downloader then you can get these apps for free.

Download AtoZ Downloader Apk

After finding such useful stuff about AtoZ Downloader you will be interested in downloading the app on your smartphone and testing it out. But there is a problem and that is you cannot download AtoZ Downloader from the Google Play Store you have to manually download the app in the apk package and have to install it on your device. Below are the links to the download page and on the download page you can get the apk file of the app.


NOTE: AtoZ Downloader and AIO Downloader are the same Apps so the download page of both apps are also same.

Final Words

Apps alike AtoZ Downloader are always of great help as they can be used for a lot of purposes if you have a slow I mean low-end device and your device is often very slow then you can also use this application for optimizing your device as there is a builtin phone optimizer in the app which doubles the phone performance.



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