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AdGuard is a distinctive Adblocker developed to block adds on the Yandex as well as the Android browsers. It is a root free ad-blocking service that doesn’t require root in the operational faculty of androids to install on. With the appreciative ad-block duty it also enhances the battery performance and saves the data. Here you will perceive the download links to get the AdGuard Apk free of cost.

Streaming is being happened extensively and it is so prevalent thing in which any viewers don’t want the errors to have occurred. While doing it on the android browsers or specific evolved applications, advertisement is the thing that irritates the streamers but now the AdGuard Apk is developed that lets you stream the YouTube or videos from any other video-sharing platform without the fear of ads.

Using the AdGuard Apk on Androids users blocks ads beside many filtering options and they also can allow just adds that they want to appear. Now with the latest version of this app enhance your battery time-backup and save your data with the metered connection. Put all those sites to the whitelist from which you can see or remove the content before appearing on the site.

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AdGuard Apk is a legal application that is also available on the device’s respected stores such as Google Play and Apple Store. It is an open-source ad-blocker that is available with the project code on the GitHub. AdBlock service is appreciative but you also can make sensitive data such as identity, location, IP and many other things more secure. it prevents the analytic and online tracker’s attack on the system and also notifies about the dangerous sites.

Coming captions are describing the AdGuard Apk with its basic aspects and some other beneficial faces.

What is AdGuard?

AdGuard is a popular application that is developed to block all the unnecessary content from the many platforms and sites besides the application installed on your Androids. Now stream the videos with any hurdles using this app. It also enhances the privacy of your data even more sensitive details about the identity or location. Users also can allow all those contents which he wants to visit on the sites visited more.

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The latest version of AdGuard Apk is now also available on the Google Play Store. If your iOS users and want to download and install AdGuard on your device then there is no need to use jailbreak or .deb file for this purpose. With the appreciative ad-block service it also prevents the devices from the attacks of online trackers and analytics. Enhance your battery life and save you data more using the latest version of AdGuard Apk.

Download AdGuard Apk

Installation of AdGuard is not a barbered road but it is simple and easy. If you are used to installing apps from the Google Play Store then you will now to happy that the latest version of AdGuard Apk is now also available on this store. Now the installation is a few far from you. If you are out of the access to Google Play Store or in case of any other worse condition, you also can download and install it easily in this way.

Press the Download button and download the AdGuard Apk now!

Make a while and see the table given below. I have described a fee technical aspect of AdGuard Apk that you should go through once.

AdGuard Apk
Apk Size5 M
Price0 USD
App Packagecom.adguard.apk
Last update14/11/2019

Features of AdGuard Apk

AdGuard is a feature abundant application that is offering plus benefits with the appreciative content blocking performance. Being the best adblocker for the Yandex browser it is also a big safeguard that makes your date safer and out of attacks of online trackers and analytics. The more loved thing about the AdGuard Apk, it also saves the battery’s life and saves the data.

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Here is the list of features of AdGuard Apk. I think you should go through a few of these before downloading it.

  • Block Contents: Using the AdGuard Apk user can block all the advertisements and can experience ad-free streaming on the video-sharing platforms. It works on all the browsers and apps that you have installed on your operating system.
  • Save Data: AdGuard Apk is not just an ad-blocker but users also can save that data that has to spend on the ads of waste. it also affects the battery timing and enhances to a great extent.
  • 20+ Ad List: Now use can allow all those contents that he wants to appear on the more visiting sites. It is ranged in hundred of categories from which you can choose the 20 of your favorites. So, what you think about the more loved product’s commercials.
  • Whitelist: Put all the URLs in the whitelist that you think dangerous to be opened. You can view or remove all the suspicious contents. Furthermore, it also offers custom settings for the filters of adds. So just allows those ads that you want.

The above bold statements are describing the more loved features of AdGuard Apk. Which comment did you love more? Comment Us!

Alternatives to AdGuard Apk

AdGuard Apk is a feature-rich application that is compatible with all the operating systems. It also enhances the privacy of users and saves data as well as battery life. After using this ad-blocker I don’t think there is a need to use any other but if you are still of the departure to AdGuard Apk to install an alternative to it then you can try from given a few similar apps.

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  • DNS66 Apk: it is a best host-based blocker that is developed for the androids, iOS as well as MAC and PCs. Users can add the other DNS using the DNS66.
  • Next DNS: if you are looking for the best ad-blocker for the video-sharing platforms then the Next DNS is the best option that also enhances the privacy of users.
  • StopAd Apk: StopAd Apk is one of the high rating ad-blocker that is now also available for the PCs. It can be installed in non-root able operating systems.  

Frequently Asked Question

AdGuard Apk is the more beneficial application that is the demand of every Android user. It is easily available on the device’s respected stores such as Google Play and Apple Store. I don’t think there is anything remaining about this app to describe but these are the question that you should read once while installing the AdGuard Apk.

How do I download AdGuard?

AdGuard Apk is available on a lot of platforms and very easy to download and install on operating systems. Android users can install it from the Google Play Store. It is also available on the Apple store for the iPhone/iPads.

Does AdGuard Blocks App’s ads?

It is the best android application that blocks the ads of the Yandex browser as well as the application that you installed on your device without making any error with them. Furthermore, you also can enhance privacy and can make data more private using the AdGuard Apk.

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